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Shield Agency is a digital and creative design company that helps your brand to reach out to the right prospect successfully. Our position as leaders in Web Design, Digital/Blockchain and marketing consulting  means we maintain solid relationships with the most powerful influencers and investors in the Industry. We can help you gain significant traction across multiple markets within a short space of time.

“Many small thing has been made large by the right kind of advertising” Creating your online presence right makes every other thing right. We are here for YOU.

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Partner with your best digital marketing agency - before your competitor does.

Lead Your Business To Growth

We create a customized approach for businesses in various industries which increase sales and maximize customer satisfaction

Content Writing

"Content is king." We drive the right words, masked with story telling and mashed with the use of memes, gif and images to increase profitability.

Guerilla Marketing

Intensive growth hack, through intense sprints targeted - by deploying a wide range of viral strategies and applying the complete resources of the Faculty Group.

Social Media Management

Social media has become an integral part of your business to scale up sells. Outsmart competitors by taking your business to all social media platforms.

Web Design

We create responsive web designs that seamless adapt with the goal of maximizing conversions. We'll help you create pages that convert, publish content your audience with remember and product that sells.

Graphic Design

Flawless design from logo design, flyer, business card to marketing materials.

Premium Web Services

Awesome Portfolio

Medical Website

AMOHN Lagos Chapter

Charity Website


Law Firm Website

Wale Obaremo & Co

Church Website

God's Chamber Global Ministry

Medical Website

First Doktor

Blog Website

Eclipse Diary

Hospital Website

Hospital Website

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Having managed campaigns for a diverse range of industry leaders, from telecommunications to automotive and tech, we know the right approach to raising awareness and increase sells.

Shield Agency is a top-class web designer and digital information manager. Hardworking and pleasant!

Dr Shallom Oni Medical Practitioner

Excellent service and wonderful customer service.

Femi Ajide Musician

I will like to introduce this project to the world, I love this initiative and the page is user-friendly. Best user interface seen in 2021.

Seyi Adekola CEO Tumo Blockchain

Great customer service experience, high-end level of professionalism and attention to details. Shield Agency remains your best plug, find me on Twitter @eclipseconcepts to give you refund.

David Fadoju CEO Eclipse Diary
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The Best Digital Marketing & Creative Agency Company.

We deploy the best tools that caters to your business needs. We put the customers needs first, this has over the years drive unprecedented growth to all our clients needs.

No Hidden Charge

Integrity is our watchword. We deliver IT support at affordable prices, while enhancing your business to succeed.

Pro Expertise

Everything you need to make one-time lasting impression is here! We've got your back!


We take into consideration the full multitude of factors that will take your brand experience to a whole new level, taking a data-driven approach that analyses competitors and produces meaningful customer insights.

Trusted Company by Government

We are Registered with CAC. We deploy means to understand your business, customers and your competitors.

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Our Professional Services.

Secured Hosting and Maintainance

Web security, protection and management

Website Design

conversion based approach. We deliver YOUR website in 3 - 7 days. We keep to our words.

Marketing Strategy

We are dedicated to giving you more for your payment. We don't just design we walk you through the process of improved usage.



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Let us be the catalyst that takes your business to new heights. Leverage our passion and expertise to unleash your business’s true potential. Together, we will redefine success and create a future where your brand not only thrives but also leaves a lasting impact on the world. Partner with us and witness the transformative power of our digital strategies. Your success is our passion.

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