How to Improve Your Online Store in 2022

knock knock 2022 is almost here! New year resolutions are already rolling in. As a new or old business owner, you suddenly realize you need a website. Well, this is good, yes, it is very good. Most businesses rumble with the question do I need a website or not? it’s becoming a culture to design a website to increase your brand reputation. Who wouldn’t go for this option?

The truth is having a website is not enough, yes, I said it. It’s important you define the need you want your website to ace. It hurts
when you are not getting results from your website, the truth is a website does not make itself work even with all its advantages.

Challenges of online store

You feel it’s becoming a waste of money to run ads because you are not receiving the desired result, the truth is most businesses expect their ad on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter alone to give the desired result. The problem might not be the ad but you.

  • Lack of trust, people are careful of online vendors. This is not to discourage you. To stand out you need to build trust, engage with people online and offline (friends and family), render good customer services and keep to your words (integrity).
  • You don’t have a landing page. at this juncture you might need a website. If your ad is running 24/7 so is your website, your website can close sells for your ad with your absent. Talk to us to get a stunning website.
  • Poor CTA (call to action) and poor sells funnel.
  • Logistics prices need to be rechecked. check your distripution channels
  • Everybody cannot be your customer, you can reject offers respectfully.
  • Don’t be rude. Smile and move on!

How to make your ecommerce website work in 2022.

  • Define the need you want your website to meet. As an online business owner you need your website to be automated. how do i mean? Your website, helps you receive money, gives receipt and entertain your customers.
  • You need to have a little knowledge on how to turn casual visitors into a happy customer. But how you may ask? Your website must be informative and have action buttons where visitor can reachout to you or make a purchase easily (the power of a user-friendly and responsive website).
  • See it as a real store. this is your “shop” put in enough enough energy, time and effort to grow it. This time you need to create content.

How to improve your online store

  • Email marketing is a must
  • Give out free tutorial on your niche
  • Incentive (coupon) to you loyal customers
  • Reread Challeges of online business


Remember this, one right customer can change the face of your business forever, you don’t know who such customer might be. Acquire customer care skills. Ecommerce has become today’s modern market, you don’t need more to stand out. Do you need a web designer that understands your business, CLICK HERE to start a project with us and watch YOUR business grow?

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