You too can sell anything?

Most at times, people feel that sales is difficult, this set of people find it disturbing to close a sale. Well, we all feel that same way, the feeling that we don’t have or know the right words to say. Well, this content is for anyone who feels that they can’t sell anything, taking you further on this content I want to break it bit by bit on how you can sell anything, from finding the right customer, using the right keywords, understanding human psychology to making the right offer.

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You too can sell anything can’t be selling until understand marking be it B2B, B2C or C2C kind of marketing. Market becomes profound when you understanding who you are marketing to (your customer), this making selling anything easier, nothing beat taking your business to the right audience, but you can’t reach out to the right audience if you don’t understand their needs, location and how your product/service helps them.

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It’s expedient to know that your target market leads you to your rightful audience, everyone can’t be your customer, targeting your real customer makes sales easier.

It’s important to note that your brand must resonate with one most important thing; solving problem(s). over the years I have come to the understanding that the more need your product/service solve the more profit you make. We know the essence of any business is to make profit, but you can’t make profits if you don’t add value by solving problem.

In all this, here comes the psychology of marketing – you need understand human psychology to sell with ease. You too can sell anything is not just words of mouth, but the applying the principles behind sells, it’s understanding the art behind selling, people buy with emotion, then justify their emotions with logic – this is to say prospect/customers, you need to tell your prospect what your product can do for them, how it will benefit them, then back it up with supporting claims (how it makes other people feel.

Remember, to always tell your product/service story.

“Tell me the facts and I’ll learn, tell me the truth and I’ll believe. But tell me a story and it will live in heart forever” –

Ancient Proverb

Sell transformation – what will your product /service do for me? Your product service for every reason need to meet demand not create it. What feeling does it left when I use your product? While talking about transformation with offers, its paramount to speak what the offer will do not just about the offer. For instance, align you sells pitch by saying, ‘this offer doesn’t just save you some money, but it create a lasting impression on you and it doesn’t wore out.

As kids we all love stories, it has not changed, most times what we look for on the internet is entertainment, story and trends do you get it now? Learn the art of story telling, use your product and tell the story.

Sell your product feature – we all need to know the feature of a product, what it will do for us and what makes it standout. understand people are not neccessarily buying product but they are more interested in what the product will do for them, this should be your selling point.

I believe in love lives – read about why you should leave toxic relationships: You Know Your Relationship is Toxic, Why Stay?

Tools to help you sell anything and find the right customer

A website and social media help you tell your story with ease, just the way you want it, social media is good, but everybody owns one, in the other hand a website has become the “big boys” platform that retains customers, build/increases your reputation, is available 24/7. But then synchronizing your social media with your website will help yield more result. For your prospect to go through your sells funnels, a website is paramount. Click here to speak with a web developer the internet is not a place you drop your content and expect some sort of magic, it doesn’t work that way. I’ve seen people with the worst product make the best sales, look beyound the tweeting, posting, sharing and commenting. Be strategic, intenational and delibrate.

Final thought

To sell anything, it has to come from the mind, be human and don’t sound robotic, your prospect must know that people are already using your product and this is how they feel, be truthful, the power of feedback/testimonies can’t be argued (always munch it or use it in an image) humans for some reasons are influenced by what other people say/do.

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