You Know Your Relationship is Toxic, Why Stay?

Self-respect is self-care, understanding this is paramount in your journey in life. “Respect is reciprocal.” This is me saying the respect you give yourself will be reciprocated. The truth is you know your relationship is toxic, why do you stay? Most of us have been in a toxic relationship(s) and we react differently to how we are treated. But is suffering in pain an option?

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Self-respect would have made me walk away from a lady/man I fully know is not meant for me but what do I do? I stuck with them, I believe they will change with time, in most cases I attach my love to a particular trait they exhibit, and then, I convince myself that I can’t find anyone out there as wonderful as they are. But did I just say wonderful? Yes, emotions have clouded my sense of reasoning, I feel they will change with time, the more I expect them to change the more they kept hurting me. You can’t manage a toxic man or woman!

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Too many excuses kill the cat, you wouldn’t stop giving excuses, why? Because you’re in love and might probably be deep in love.

Imagine marrying a spouse who hurts and makes you unhappy, because the end product is difficult and you feel comfortable staying in a horrible and toxic relationship. The question should be what will become of me?

The truth is there is no toxic relationship that is hidden, people, friends or family warn you about your relationship but in most cases, you are more like “you don’t know my man/woman, they are the sweetest person alive” or you feel they are a bunch of jealous people, the truth is deep down you know you are in a toxic relationship but why do you stay? I think some of us need to learn in a hard way.

I feel the pain and process of healing kept most of us back, but there is no shortcut to that. When you find yourself in a toxic relationship forget about the benefit, walk the hell out, for the sake of your mental health. You deserve better. Most times, your partner gaslights or talks you into staying back, sometimes threatening to hurt themselves. Hey, people don’t really change. Walkout and let it go.

If staying in a toxic relationship is healthy for you, then stay, the red flag is enough to make you walk, let it go! “the devil you know is better than the angel you don’t know.” how true is this? I don’t know, but for me, I prefer meeting an angel to dining with the devil.

Thank you for reading, people want to learn from you, so kindly share your opinion in the comment section below. This is me saying I love you and you deserve better! I make stunning websites that can put your business into the spotlight. Click here to reach out

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